Meet Amanda


Walk for Wishbone Auckland, 26 May 2019

Amanda Hill and her family are extremely familiar with orthopaedic surgery and Amanda is encouraging friends and family far and wide to take part in Walk for Wishbone events.

Amanda broke her back in 2001 and had previously broken her ankle, her mum has had two shoulder replacements, her aunt has had a broken shoulder, and her mother-in-law and grandmother have had hip replacements.

“I broke my back in 2001. I fell five metres from a forklift cage at work. I was checking a box up high and toppled over the top, did a flip in the air and landed on my left little toe – I broke that too! I shattered the L2 vertebrae in my back and after surgery had to wear a plastic vest to keep my back straight. I was being a bridesmaid around that time so I asked if they could do one in a skin colour – they did it in pink, so I have a lovely pink plastic vest!”

Amanda says her and her mum both received amazing care during their surgery and in rehab.

She found out about the Walk for Wishbone via her mum, who received a letter about it from the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation.

“Mum knows I like activity and promoting things I’m passionate about. I am talking about the walk on my Facebook page. I’m letting family and friends know that me and my husband Shane are doing the stair climb at Eden Park on 26 May – which is an amazing venue – and encouraging them to take part.

“I have an auntie who is an orthopaedic nurse in Tauranga, so I’m also encouraging her and other family and friends in Tauranga to get along to the walk there on 19 May.

“This is an awesome cause, so I want to do what I can to support it and raise some funds for the Foundation.”